Advance Availability of Meeting Materials

Currently this information is not available to the citizens.

The Home Rule Charter requires that this information be posted on the Lincoln County Website or be available in the County Clerk’s office three (3) days before a county commission meeting.

Found at Section 2.11.B. Meetings and Quorum.

Multi-Year County Capital Improvements Budgets

The current county budgeting does not plan for or set monies aside for major building maintenance, planned new equipment or replacement equipment. Those costs do not occur every budget year but will occur at some points in the future.

Therefore, to better plan for the future the Charter requires, the Lincoln County Government to reserve an amount each year in its Capital Improvement Plan and Budget equal to the total of the annual reserves of the items in the Capital Improvement Plan and Budget (CIPB).

Found at Section 11.08 Capital Improvement Plan and Budget.

New Citizens Ethics Committee

Currently the ethics committee consists of five (5) county commissioners.

The new ethic committee will be made up of Lincoln county citizens who are independent of the county government, none of which shall be a county employee, official, officer, or have a member of the immediate family who is a county employee, official, or officer.

Found at Section 12.01. Ethics Committee.

Adopts TN Strict Conflict of Interest Rule

The director, purchasing agent, members of the committee, members of the county legislative body, or other officials, employees, or members of the board of education or highway commission shall not have any financial interest or have any personal beneficial interest, either directly or indirectly, in the purchase of any supplies, materials, equipment or contractual services for the county.

Found at Section 12.03. Conflict of Interest.

Reduction To Nine County Commissioners

Tennessee state law requires a minimum of 9 and allows maximum of 25 commissioners.

To be in compliance with Tennessee State the Home Rule Charter is requiring one per district (8 districts) and one commissioner will run county-wide, at large.

Total commissioners shall be 9 as opposed to the 24 we have now.

After phase-in of the Home Rule Charter the commissioner will have even numbers elected in one election cycle and odd numbers elected in a different election cycle.

The terms of office will still be 4 years but this will allow for continuity in the County Commission.

Found at Section 2.03.B. Membership and Election.

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