Required 5% Contingency Fund

Under the charter, each department must maintain a contingency fund. A contingency fund of, at minimum, five percent (5%) of the total budget must be maintained. In a time of emergencies, each department, as well as the county general fund, should have ample money to deal with emergency situations when they arise.

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Section 11.02. Budget Plans and General Financial
A total budget contingency fund shall be maintained at five percent (5%) of the county budget.

Section 11.06. Budget Review Process
The budget committee is responsible for reconciling the proposed budgets of the individual offices, departments, schools, and other entities that receive funds from Lincoln County with the revenue projections of the County Financial Director to create a proposed annual budget which does not exceed the fiscal year’s revenue projection, while maintaining a minimum five percent (5%) contingency fund.

Multi-Year County Operating Budgets

Currently, there is only one year planned and budgeted and the budget is being revised during the year. The budget planned by each department and approved by the County Commission. For better planning the Charter requires three (3) years be budgeted.

Found at Section 11.02.A Budget Plans and General Financial.

The next fiscal year under consideration and two years out from that. Also the Home Rule Charter requires a 5% contingency fund (rainy day fund) be maintained. This should facilitate better planning of our County Government.

Found at Section 11.02.D. Budget Plans and General Financial.

No Automatic Departmental Inclusion in Proposed Tax Increases

The Home Rule Charter prohibits any county departments or boards being automatically included in any proposed tax increase.
This is not currently the case in Lincoln County.

The Home Rule Charter requires that any proposed tax increase would have to stand on its own merits.

No other county department or board would benefit by having the proposed increase doubled.

Found at Section 11.03. Tax Raises and County Income.

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