Required 5% Contingency Fund

Under the charter, each department must maintain a contingency fund. A contingency fund of, at minimum, five percent (5%) of the total budget must be maintained. In a time of emergencies, each department, as well as the county general fund, should have ample money to deal with emergency situations when they arise.

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Section 11.02. Budget Plans and General Financial
A total budget contingency fund shall be maintained at five percent (5%) of the county budget.

Section 11.06. Budget Review Process
The budget committee is responsible for reconciling the proposed budgets of the individual offices, departments, schools, and other entities that receive funds from Lincoln County with the revenue projections of the County Financial Director to create a proposed annual budget which does not exceed the fiscal year’s revenue projection, while maintaining a minimum five percent (5%) contingency fund.

Advance Availability of Meeting Materials

Currently this information is not available to the citizens.

The Home Rule Charter requires that this information be posted on the Lincoln County Website or be available in the County Clerk’s office three (3) days before a county commission meeting.

Found at Section 2.11.B. Meetings and Quorum.

Stated Debt Management Policy for Citizen Protection

Lincoln County Home Rule Charter includes well defined debt management requirements including a current Outstanding Debt Report reflecting total outstanding indebtedness of Lincoln County to better protect the citizen of Lincoln County.

The total indebtedness of Lincoln County is not easily ascertained. Different county officials cite different amounts. The Home Rule Charter has stated rules to be followed in incurring or refinancing county indebtedness.

Found at Section 11.09. Debt Management.

Multi-Year County Operating Budgets

Currently, there is only one year planned and budgeted and the budget is being revised during the year. The budget planned by each department and approved by the County Commission. For better planning the Charter requires three (3) years be budgeted.

Found at Section 11.02.A Budget Plans and General Financial.

The next fiscal year under consideration and two years out from that. Also the Home Rule Charter requires a 5% contingency fund (rainy day fund) be maintained. This should facilitate better planning of our County Government.

Found at Section 11.02.D. Budget Plans and General Financial.

Multi-Year County Capital Improvements Budgets

The current county budgeting does not plan for or set monies aside for major building maintenance, planned new equipment or replacement equipment. Those costs do not occur every budget year but will occur at some points in the future.

Therefore, to better plan for the future the Charter requires, the Lincoln County Government to reserve an amount each year in its Capital Improvement Plan and Budget equal to the total of the annual reserves of the items in the Capital Improvement Plan and Budget (CIPB).

Found at Section 11.08 Capital Improvement Plan and Budget.

Adopts TN Strict Conflict of Interest Rule

The director, purchasing agent, members of the committee, members of the county legislative body, or other officials, employees, or members of the board of education or highway commission shall not have any financial interest or have any personal beneficial interest, either directly or indirectly, in the purchase of any supplies, materials, equipment or contractual services for the county.

Found at Section 12.03. Conflict of Interest.

Voter Approval for New Or Increased Taxes

This is a requirement of the Home Rule Charter that any new taxes or any tax increases will be approved by the voters of Lincoln County by referendum.

The normal election cycles in Lincoln County are every two years, therefore, a referendum could be placed on the ballot every two years.

Also the Home Rule Charter does not allow for special elections to be held.

Found at Section 11.03.A.

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